Hen Party Straws

Personalised hen party and party straws. Choose from personalised or glitter shapes

Gold rose, gold and silver glitter diamond ring on straws

Engagement Glitter Diamond Ring Paper Engagement Party Straws. Hen Party, Hen Do, Bridal Shower Rose Gold, Gold, Silver Paper Straws £7.00

Hen party glitter lips and penis straws

Glitter Willy and Lip Straw Set. Hen Party Penis Straws Including FREE Red Glitter Lips £7.00

Hen party glitter willy straws

Hen Party Glitter Penis Straws. Hen Do Willy Straws Rose Gold Pink, Black, Red, Brown or Rainbow £7.00

Hen party personalised straws

Hen Party Personalised Paper Straws. Hen Do Ideas and Hen Party Bag Fillers. Gold Heart Straws. Includes FREE Bride Straw £1.00

Hen party straws

Rose Gold Hen Party Paper Straws With Glitter Shapes Diamond Ring, Penis, Hen, Lips, Butterfly, Bow, L Plate, Stiletto, Heart, Arrow, Tiara £7.00

Hen party straws rose gold ribbon and straws

Rose Gold Hen Party Straws. Personalised Paper Straws. Hen Party Bag Filler Ideas. Pink And Gold Straws £1.00

Metallic straws. gold stripe, rose gold and silver and gold hearts

Rose Gold, Gold And Silver Paper Party Straws. Metallic Striped Paper Drinking Straws or Metallic Heart Paper Straws £0.00