Shaped Tags

All shapes of tags from leaf shapes such as oak leaves, maple leaves, apples leaves and beech leaves to shells, hearts and stars.

Leaf shaped tags for autumn weddings, wishing trees and memorial tree leaves.

Choose from shapes with without a hole, with a hole, using your own ribbon and printed with guest names or DIY write your own.

Butterfly shaped tags

Butterfly Shaped Tags £5.00

Dove shaped tags

Dove Shaped Tags £5.00

Heart Shaped Tags £5.00

Leaf green pearl,Oak leaf tags with hessian string pearl green card

Leaf Shaped Tags. Oak leaf, Maple Leaf, Sycamore Leaf, Apple Leaf Plus Other Leaves £5.00

Shell shaped tags

Shell Shaped Tags £5.00

Star shaped tag

Star Shaped Tags. Starfish Shaped Tags £5.00