Wine Glass Place Cards

Shaped wine glass place cards. Choose plain or printed place cards 

Wine glass shapes such as: Stars, masks, sheep, horses and leaves to name a few of the designs available.

Aeroplane Plane wine glass cards any colour

Airplane Place Cards. Aeroplane Shaped Place Card For Wine Glasses. £6.00

White linen butterfly wine glass place card

Butterfly Wine Glass Place Cards £6.00

Race horse wine glass cards for writing guest names onto

Horse Wine Glass Place Cards. Race Horse Shaped Place cards £6.00

Burnt orange oak leaf wine glass place cards

Leaf Shaped Wine Glass Place Cards £6.00

3 red lips place cards

Lip Wine Glass Place Cards £6.00

Gold 'Venice' No 6 mask for wine glass card.  place card for wine glass masquerade

Mask Wine Glass Place Cards £6.00

Sheep wine glass place cards

Sheep Wine Glass Place Cards £6.00

Royal Blue stars for wine glass place cards

Star Wine Glass Place Cards. Star Shaped Place card. Starfish Beach Themed Place Cards £6.00